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So what is Writers Perch all about?

In weekly issues, you’ll read articles with writing tips and techniques, creative strategies for improving your work, and a few guidelines for navigating the nuances of the profession.

I’ll be providing information on much-needed resources writers are constantly on the hunt for - the ones that will help fine-tune your writing skills, as well as addressing the sticky questions of punctuation, grammar, tense, and how to pull everything together into a final piece of work you can be proud of.

Why did I create Writers Perch?

It comes down to this: We can all use a little support to make our writing journey as enjoyable, successful, and painless as possible.

The business of writing goes far beyond typing out a few pages of your best prose and posting it on your blog with the expectation others will easily discover you. It takes commitment, courage, and a willingness to be open and receptive to learning new ideas.

Wondering how to handle the complexities of marketing, advertising, social media platforms, and building an audience?

I’ve got you covered.

With over ten years of writing experience, I’ve faced the hurdles, roadblocks, and unexpected setbacks that can cause you to question whether it’s worth pursuing a writing career.

In full disclosure, it’s rare that any of us survive the profession completely unscathed.

Yet, in spite of the heartache and failures you’ll likely encounter along the way, the mental and emotional rollercoaster ride will ultimately make you a better writer.

Consider the process a rite of passage - a necessary journey of discovery in your quest to become a seasoned pro.

Many thanks for your interest, and I hope you’ll join me in the continuing adventure of being a writer – no matter what it takes.

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Please God, Make Me a Writer by Jill Reid

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